Ella's new things

(this is an old post I forgot to publish)
On Tuesday, Nov. 3, Dan was on call at the hospital and had to stay over night. So, since Dan couldn't come to us, Ella and I went to him. We went to the hospital and met him for lunch. When we were done, Dan walked us back out to the car. As I Dan getting ready to walk away from the car he peeked in the back window and gave Ella a wave goodbye. The sweet little girl looked up, smiled and waved back! Dan was shocked! He can back up to my door and told me that she just waved bye to him. So he did it again, and so did she. I turned around and looked over the seat at her as he did it one more time. Sure enough she waved right back! Cute little girl. I didn't even realize we had waved to her that often but apparently it was enough for her to learn how to do it! She'd such a smartie!

While Dan's parents were here visiting Nov. 4-11, Dan's mom taught our little Ella Bella how to give kisses. It's so cute. A couple days later I was playing with her, doing different faces. Well, I did a fishy face with my lips out; Ella must've thought I wanted a kiss so she pushed her little face up to mine and gave me a kiss right on my lips! I wasn't even expecting it. She's so sweet.

Mommy's Helper

A few weeks ago I was working on the computer and Ella was quietly playing on the floor beside me. My sweet little girl decided I needed some "help" with my crafts. Earlier I had gone looking for a scrap of fabric in my fabric box and when I was finished I left it sitting out on the floor. My lil cutie couldn't resist helping me find my fabric while I was busy with other things. When I looked down at her this is what I saw:
Too cute. She spread that fabric clear around the room. So I took a picture, instead of cleaning up the mess. Well the next day, I was looking up something on the computer so I set Ella back down on the floor to play. (with the fabric from the previous day, of course :) She decided the fabric wasn't the only crafting supply I needed, so she proceeded to empty my shoe box of other crafting odds, such as wire, thread, curling ribbon etc. (notice the last one wrapped around her waist :0)
I love my little helper!

Happy Halloween

Ella's First Halloween:

For Halloween we dressed up Ella as a chick. On Friday the 30th, Ella and Holly went to the ward Trunk or Treat. We dressed her up in her little fluff and Holly dressed up as a cowgirl. (Sorry no pics) Dan met us there later after he got off work. A lot of people from the ward gave him a lot of slack for being "so original" with his costume. He didn't have time to change after work so he came to the church in his work scrubs. So the doc dressed up as a doc ;) Anyway, Ella looked so cute and was so interested in all of the people in their costumes.

On Halloween, in preparation for the Trick or Treaters, I opened all the candy and put it in a bowl. I set the bowl on the floor in the living room so it would be handy when the kids started coming. Ella was sitting in the living room playing with her toys; I walked out of the room and when I came back this is what I saw:
She wanted that candy so bad. She ended up working herself forward enough so that she could grab it and go to town.
Got it!
Which one should I eat?
I think I'll eat the Starburst
Good Choice
A couple weeks ago we went to a place called "Gene the Pumpkin Man" for a playgroup and got a bunch of pumpkins. Gene's farm was pretty awesome. He had big barns that were painted bright orange, he had a big orange cadillac and Gene himself was dressed from head to toe in hunter's orange. He was the coolest old guy. On Halloween morning, we got up early and carved our pumpkins. (we had a pretty busy week and with Dan's schedule that was the only time we could get it done) We carved a little pumpkin family. Aren't they cute?
We ended up having a ton of trick or treaters in our neighborhood. I thought we'd have some extra candy for us to eat. But we ended up running out. Good thing we had some caramels in the cabinet for a recipe I was going to make. I guess maybe we should have taken Ella trick or treating so we would've had some treats :)
Here's my little Chickie and Dan, in his classic Halloween tee
She looks sleepy
We finished our Halloween adventures by going to Dominic's party. Mike told Dan "Your daughter is the cutest chick at this party!" Boy was he right!

Home Sweet Home

I know you've been waiting to see it, so here it is.
This is our house! We LOVE it!
Here it is 3 weeks later as the leaves changed to their pretty fall colors. I love how bright the fall colors are out here! (Can you see my burning bush in the back corner of the house, I was so excited to find out that we had one!) I wish I had taken some pictures of the road leading into our subdivision because it is all foresty and it was the prettiest yellowy golds. Fall is definitely gorgeous out here!