Our first post

Okay so I have had this blog created for quite a while, but completely blank, so here it goes:

Well our first post is going to be about:
Nauvoo!!! We went on a real trip memorial day weekend! This was a real bonafide vacation- Dan and I haven't gone on a trip just the two of us since our honeymoon. It is kind of funny that it worked out that way because originally we were going to go with the Jagers. But those little viruses are on the prowl and caught Amy and Bryton, so they weren't feeling up to seeing the sights. Dan and I almost decided not to go, I think we made up our minds to stay home, then changed our minds to go probably 10 times. Eventually Dan won me over and told me that we NEEDED to go! Boy was he right. I guess a husband does know best(most of the time). :) It's been a crazy few months and they're only going to get worse. So it was great to go spend some peaceful time together.
Here are a few little stories about our trip: First, on the way to Navoo we got lost
3 TIMES. Once we ended up in Iowa before we even knew we were off track! The first time we got lost was in Rockford, Il we were driving along and all of the sudden the freeway ended and we were in the middle of the city. We drove around for a little bit trying to find our way and we ended up at a stop light. We were in the middle lane(which was going straight) stopped at the red light, there was a car in front of us and a police officer behind us. All of the sudden Dan decides he wants to turn left, so he flips into the left lane and proceeds into the intersection where the left turning light had been green, but is now red. Dan continues through and turns left, completly running a red light. The police officer turns on his lights and siren and pulls out behind us. The whole time I was telling him NOT to go. I thought we were had for sure. Thankfully, the cop was called off to some other problem in the city and instead of pulling us over he raced off to somewhere else. But both Dan and I agree, that if their hadn't been some other pressing issue, we would've been in trouble for running a red light. *A word of advice, don't run red lights, but even more important, don't run a red light in front of a cop*

The rest of the trip was less eventful, but still as enjoyable. Here are some pics:
This is the temple,It is absolutely beautiful(inside and out)!

Any one up for a wagon tour of Nauvoo!

There were tons of little shops and buildings to see: this one here is the Brick Yard.

These two pictures are especially moving. The one above: the 2nd floor window is the one that Joseph Smith fell from when he was martyred. (we both felt weird posing and smiling in front of such a place, but the missionary that took us on the tour made it seem like a common thing to do) The picture below is the bullet hole left by the bullet the killed Hyrum Smith, looking through into the room where they all were.