Pretty Baby

We thought we would share some more photos of our little angel:

Here she is all bundled up the day she came home from the hospital

Proud mama and papa
Look at her pretty little eyes!Here is her first bath-she was not so fond of it.
The binki calmed her down for a moment.

I love this picture-of all the fingers to suck on she chose the ring finger. She ended up later with the pinky but decided she didn't like it so she went back to this finger.
Here she is on her one week birthday!!!She is just so adorable!!!!
I have some other cute pics I will post soon, but they are still on the camera. I am going to have to wait till Dan comes home so I can find the cord to load them on!

The Stork Has Landed!

On February 16, 2009 at 7:49 pm, our little angel finally arrived. Her name is Ella Sophia Tensmeyer and was a whopping 8 lbs (actually 7 lbs 15.5 oz to be exact). She was 21.5 inches in length and has the most beautiful blonde hair I've ever seen. Holly is doing great and Ella is passing all the exams with flying colors. I think she's trying to go for extra credit with the poopy diaper thing. They said the goal would be to see at least one on the first day, but she's giving us plenty of practice. Holly made things look easy (as easy as giving birth can actually be), but has to give some credit to her epidural. We didn't sleep much last night but it was the best night of my life. Here's some of my favorite pics:

The labor process begins...mmm, jell-o!

7 lbs 15.5 oz!

Poor thing...she look's so scared.

Look at that cute little tongue!

Don't you just love that blonde hair?!
This is one of my personal favorites!

We have taken a lot of video footage as well, so I might try and post some of that later. We can't wait to bring her home!! Thanks everybody, for all your love and support!

Still waiting!

Hello blogger world! This is Dan, and this is my first official blog. I feel so old fashioned that I haven't participated in this yet, but I've got to learn eventually. As many of you know, Holly's due date was Friday (2/13/09), but that day came and went. So then Holly was supposed to be induced yesterday (2/15/09), but here we are at home on the 16th still waiting. Let me explain: Yesterday morning we woke up bright and early to be able to get to the hospital by 6 am. But we got a call from the hospital around 5 saying they didn't have any room! No room in the inn?! So I wondered if we should start looking for a manger or barn or something, but Holly didn't really like that idea. Apparently, the hospital has a lot of patients with complications so they aren't taking anything elective at the moment. If Holly were to go into labor, they would have room for us but it looks like our baby is taking after her parents by procrastinating. She probably just figures why rush her delivery if she's nice and cozy right now. Anyway, we got a call this morning saying we can finally go in. Finally! We can't wait!

Count down...

Yesterday when we got home from church Dan decided to pull out the camera and take some pictures of our pregnant selves.
Not too big, right?
WOA! Look at that baby!!
I'm not the only one who has a baby bump!

Our little one should be here any moment-I know the blog says I have like 2 days left but those counters are slightly off. When I set those up, I wasn't sure of my exact due date because the doctors office gave me like 3 different days. Officially the doc decided to go with Febuary 13th-(oooooh it's a friday). Any way so I have a couple more days then the counter says. She will definitely be here by Sunday though because if she doesn't come on her own before then I'll be induced that morning!! We'll keep you posted!!