Cute moments

I want to share some moments that happened this week:
On Sunday, January 29th:
I was gettting ready to give Rosalie a bath and I had her laying on the counter and was talking to her. She was in a really happy mood and was giving me giant smiles. I was talking baby talk in those high pitched voices, and I tickled her chubby little armpits. When I tickled her she gave a short little giggle. Her first laugh!! I repeated the tickling and talking and she gave another short throaty giggle! I opened the door and yelled out to Dan that she just laughed for the first time and he came in the room to see. I tried repeating the underarm tickle but that didn't work so I tickled her tummy. This time we didn't get the full giggle, but we got a little half laugh; still Super Cute!! Later, at church I was changing her diaper and I thought I would try again. I tickled her belly and she gave me 2 more little laughs!! I LOVE it!! She is the cutest baby, she sure does make me smile.

Also that night we were struggling to get Ella to eat her dinner, but she really wanted to help me make some cookies. So I resorted to some bargaining. This is how the dialogue went:
Me- "Eat 2 more bites of your dinner and then you can help me make cookies."
Ella, holding up 2 fingers- "2 more bites?"
Me- "Yes, eat 2 more bites."
Ella, who now lifted up one more finger for 3 fingers up- "3 more bites?"
Me, laughing- "Sure, eat 3 more bites."
Ella- "Okay, 3 more bites." And off she went back to her plate, and ate her 3 more bites of dinner!
Haha, I don't think that kind of bargaining is going to last too long! But for now I will take it!

In other news, I weighed Rosalie on Wednesday, she is 16 lbs, 1 1/2 oz. Pretty hefty for a 3 month old. But you can't help but love her chub:

I have some little paper flowers for a mobile for Rosalie's room that I haven't gotten finished yet. Well, Ella really likes these flowers; she carries them around the house and plays with them. But she knows they are Rosalie's so being a good sister, she shares them with her little buddy. I often find Rosalie sitting in her rocker with a flower on her belly like so:
 I've told Ella that it's not a good idea for Rosalie to have the flowers, but she insists on sharing:
Notice the flower in Rosalie's arms.
  Oh well, least she's sharing, right?!

 These days Ella hardly wears normal clothes, she is always dressed up as a princess. Her favorite switches between Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty aka Rose. As you can see below she was Rose in these pics. She's really cute, she asks me all the time to turn on the radio so she can dance. Then she spins and frolics around the room, saying "I am a beaUtiful princess!" and sings alongs to the Disney songs! I love my little girlies!!
I still can't believe this dark hair dark eyed baby is mine!

Long Time No See...Carpe Kairos!

So, sadly it has been like a year and a half since the last time I blogged. Kind of a bummer that I have missed so many moments to write about. Maybe I'll go back and fill them in later, but right now I am going to just start with the present and record things that are happening now.
I read this article today and I was thinking about some kairos moments in my life today that I want to share before I forgot them.
Ella randomly will lOok up at me and say in her sweet angel voice "Mommy, I love you." Oh man!! It melts my heart and makes me forget all the struggles and frustrations of the day. She says it so sweetly with all the innocence of a child. Ella, I love you too!!!
Tonight I was sitting in the living room watching tv. Ella was in bed, Dan was at the hospital and Rosalie was in her rocker next to me. Rosalie was so sweet, every time I would look at her, her face would light up. She would get a grin that would spread slowly across her face until she couldn't smile any bigger. She kept doing these smiles over and over, every time I looked at her over the course of about half an hour. It's really amazing how a bright little smile can bring so much joy to my life.
I love my girls so much, they are the greatest source of joy in my life. I want to remember these moments. My intent is to quickly jot here some of these sweet kairos things that happen so that I can remember and enjoy motherhood now.