Broken Bone

Yesterday was going to be a really busy day; Ella and I had the play group to go to in the morning, then there was a ladies luncheon, then I had an eye appointment in the afternoon. Well, it didn't all happen like I had planned. I got up early and got myself ready; then Ella woke up around 9. After breakfast, I quickly grabbed the computer to get an address for the luncheon. While I was doing that I noticed Ella trying to get up on one of the kitchen chairs but she was struggling and couldn't pull herself up onto it, so I hurried to get the address so we could go. Quick as a wink Ella pulled herself up onto the chair and almost immediately fell off the opposite side of the chair. It was almost like one swift movement-up and the right back down. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this movement and when I looked over I saw Ella come crashing down on to the floor. She kind of landed on her left and it bend back behind as the force of the fall made her roll over. My immediate horror and first thought was "Oh my gosh, she just broke her arm." She was wearing a long sleeved shirt that was kind of wide around her arms, so I wasn't completely sure if the arm was bent funny or if the fabric from the shirt just made it appear this way. Ella cried and cried. I kept asking her where it hurt and she would grab her left wrist. Normally, she is pretty easy to console when she's hurt, but this time she wasn't. I kept holding and comforting her and she still cried, I started tearing up with her but knew that wouldn't help her so I held it back. I called Dan and left a message and he soon called me back. He was post call and would be coming home in like 2 hours so he asked if I could wait and have him look at it. He then hung up and went into surgery. I called my mom to ask her what she thought and as I talked to her, Ella stopped crying, but one tiny movement would make he cry again. She finally started wailing again and I decided I couldn't wait for Dan. I called Ella's doctor and they worked it out so I could come right in.
I felt horrible as I drove to the Dr.'s office. My hubby is an ortho resident-aka bone doc. I felt really bad for not waiting for him. But Ella was hurt and it was definitely not a normal hurt. As I pulled into the parking lot, Dan called. I told him I was sorry for not waiting for him. He was so good he told me he understands and that it was not a big deal at all for me to take her to her dr. If Ella was hurt I needed to do what I thought was best. He was really sweet; really concerned about his little girl. I felt a lot better about going to the dr.
We went in and Dr. Dyk checked her out. He saw in the chart that Dan was a ortho resident, as we talked about that he said he totally understood me taking her to someone else. He said he can't do any work on his own kids, it's just too hard, too personal. That also made me feel even better about taking her in. As he felt along her arm he felt a swelling area around her elbow. He had me even feel the non hurt arm and then the hurt one. Definitely a difference. So he sent us the get an x-ray. That was the saddest process. Ella screamed when I layed her down on the table. I had to hold her down and a nurse had too also. Ella was crying and screaming "down" "down." Aweful, I wanted to cry with her. After the x-rays we went back to the exam room where Ella calmed down, and waiting for the results. We were only in there a minute when the Dr. came right in and said "Do you want to see a broken elbow?" I felt my heart break. My poor little girl! He showed me the fracture. Then told me the plan. He'd either have her go see an ortho elbow dr. or send her to the ER where the resident on call would splint her. He told me I could go home since I lived close, and he'd call when he knew where we needed to go. So I took Ella home. Dan came home shortly after we go there, and we talked about what to do. The Dr. called us back and told us the elbow doc was out of town so he'd called ahead to let the ER know we were coming. We headed to the hospital and Dan made a bunch of calls to the residents at the hospital. Anyway, long story short we ended up not going to the hospital but to the clinic where the on call Trama dr. was and he x-rayed her again (the first ones weren't the best views), poor girl wasn't happy about this again, then they put a splint on her. I was out doing insurance stuff and so I missed the xrays and the beginning of the splinting, but I could hear her screaming. Heart breaking! When I got in there, they were finishing up the splint, Dan was holding her and the cast tech was putting on the tape stuff to hold the ace type bandage stuff (Dan would know what it really is). Ella was screaming and tear soaked, she was so confused. She kept pulling on the bandage and tape and saying "sttuuckk" "sttuuckk" It didn't take long and soon she was done. She still wasn't happy and I took her to comfort her. That seemed to help a little. She was more the glad when we left the clinic.
That night she was better. (As you can see by the pic up top) She was in less pain and therefore was mostly pleasant and happy. She still doesn't like the splint, she's trying her best to pull it off.
Hopefully it lasts till a real cast. She struggled a lot last night with doing things. She kept trying to get up when she was sitting on the floor but couldn't figure out how to push herself up with only one arm. She would cry and say "stuck" (now one of her favorite words). They're pretty sure the fracture missed the joint and growth plates so she should be just fine. She goes back next week and they will put a hard cast on her and she'll have that for about a month. So early end of summer for her :( No swimming or water. Bummer. But she's okay, which is great. We appreciate the love and concern we have received from so many people. Ella has so many wonderful people who care for her.

Ella New Clothes

This post is for my mom. Last week we got a package in the mail from her. She sent Ella some clothes that she got for an awesome deal. Ella looked so cute in her little outfit! I said I would post a pic of her, but I couldn't pick just one so here are 2!

I couldn't find the camera so I took these on my phone. I'm glad I didn't wait around to do it; it was super hot and humid that day and after like 2 minutes outside Ella's cute curls fell flat and wet against her head. Gotta love the summer! :)