Ella and Grandpa T.

I thought I would quick share these adorable pics of Ella and Grandpa. Ella was being kind of fussy while we were all getting ready the morning after graduation so grandpa decided to take her for a little walk. It was pretty cold outside for the middle of May so we put on her coat. It was really sunny outside so we decided she should sport the cute new shades Grandma had just bought her! Isn't she just so cute?!

My Grad

Okay, so I know I am a little slow at getting pictures and posting, but I have a baby, so you'll have to bear with me. I have a spare moment so I thought I would quick post about Dan's graduation. He graduated on Friday May 15th. Yay!! I am so proud of him. Medical school was really hard. I can't believe how much information they had to learn and how hard they had to work! Dan did so good though! That day was so bittersweet. So great because it was finally time to graduate-commencement. Finishing such a big goal in our lives! But sad because another chapter was coming to an end. That day we rushed to get ready so we could meet the Jagers and the Austins at the Medical College so we could take pictures of our husbands together. It was so sad to walk around the school and think this was probably the last time we'll be in there :( That school was really neat. As you can tell the day was pretty cloudy and windy there were a few pictures that I couldn't even see Dan's face because his tassle was blown in front of it (sorry I didn't post those ones, I figured he'd like the better ones in the post) But the trees were beautiful, full of blooms! It was really neat that his mom and dad were able to come out and share this special day with us. They have really done a lot to help us get to that point. Also, I don't want to forget Tricia and Jodi were able to come out too! It was so fun sharing Milwaukee! We had such a blast! We went to Cedarburg with them and they babysat Ella for us for Dan's senior dinner. So thanks gals! Back to graduation. After pictures we went and had lunch one last time at the City Market. Mmm they have the best chocolate chip cookies. I was so nervous for Dan. I kept telling him he needed to eat faster, move faster. I was so worried he was going to be late for his graduation! When we were all done we headed down to the Milwaukee Theatre for the graduation ceremony. I thought the graduation was really cool. I know there were a few people in our group (uhum, Tricia and Jodi ;) who were pretty bored, but that's okay it was a pretty long event. It was fun for me because I knew a lot of the people. It was so exciting to see Dan walk across that stage and recieve his diploma!! What a big moment!!! Afterwards, we all went to eat at the yummy- Claim Jumper for dinner. It was so good! To finish off the night we went to our favorite place for custard-Murfs. Oh I miss all that wonderful food! What an awesome day!! Dan I am so proud of you and I love you so much!!!
Dan and Hippcrates
The Foyer of the Medical College-can you see Dan?
Zach, Dan, Mike
The Medical College
Our Wisconsin Family
Thanks for everything Mom and Dad!
Yay Daddy!
8701 Watertown Plank Road-one last time
We're so glad Tricia and Jodi could come!!
The big moment-Dan getting his diploma!!!
Here he is Dr. Dan
Ella having fun with Grandma and her new MCW Elephant!
Tricia, Dan and Holly waiting for our yummy food!
Jodi, Gayle, Dave, Ella(who looks a little distracted)Say cheese!