Where will we go????

Well its finally done!! Dan is officially done with interviewing for Residency. YEAH!!! It has been a long, rather annoying process. In order of interview date (this is not the way our rank list will be submitted, we'll keep you wondering about that one!) these are the places in the running for us to grace our presence for the next 5 years:

Milwaukee, WI (Medical College of Wisconsin)
Rochester, NY (U of Rochester)
Fort Worth, TX (JPS Hospital)
Danville, PA (Geisinger Hospital)
Lexington, KY (U of Kentucky)
Indianapolis, IN (Indiana U)
Toledo, OH (U of Toledo)
Omaha, NB (U of Nebraska)
Kalamazoo, MI (Michigan State/Kalamazoo Center)
Temple, TX (Scott & White/TX A&M)
Columbus, OH (Ohio State)
Albuquerque, NM (U of New Mexico)
Phoenix, AZ (Banner Good Samaritan)
Portland, OR (Oregon Health and Science U)

You may be wondering why so many places? Well, some programs only accept 2 residents, others as many as 6. Orthopaedic Surgery is very competitive so we are giving ourselves a good spread. (we don't want to have to do this all again next year because he didn't match).
This is a pretty exciting, but very scary process. We pretty much are just playing the waiting game now. We'll find out of March 19th!!! Can't wait! Good thing we will soon have a new little baby to distract us!


It has been COLD in Wisconsin!!! The highes over the last few days were well below 0, like -10 was the high temp. With the wind chills it was like -25 to -40. It is awful!!! I haven't even wanted to leave the house! It's a good thing that Dan is on a break from interviews this week and that I don't have to work (that's a whole other story) so we have been able to just hang out at home. It got so cold that the window in our office collected condensation then froze. The whole window was covered with ice. I was sitting at the computer yesterday and could hear this weird drippy sound. I finally checked out the window and to my surprise it was a frozen, watery mess. We ended up defrosting it with a blowdryer and then we covered the whole window in plastic. But the plastic piece was not quite wide enough so we ended up taping like 5 pieces of plastic together. It looks pretty sweet! So far it seems to be working, no ice on the window this morning! We actually covered all of the other windows in our apartment with plastic, some we did before we went home for christmas, and then we did our bedroom when we got home. We originally weren't going to do the office because we didn't have a piece of plastic big enough but things change. Our windows are pretty krappy so they let the air come through. All of our neighbors cover their windows with plastic in the winter to keep the cold out. But we've been lazy the last 3 years and haven't done it. Leave it to having a kid to get it done. I don't want our new baby to freeze! Dan prepping the window(after we finally got the water & ice cleared off)
Check out that sweet tape job down the right side!
This is the living room and kitchen windows we covered back before the holidays. (you can't even tell!)
Dan getting our bedroom window all covered (plus we deep cleaned for the baby!! :)
It doesn't look menacing, but it is REALLY COLD!!!Bundle up!!!