So Sleepy

December 14th:

Oh, around 5:00 that night, while waiting for Dan to come home from work; Ella and I hung out in the living room. I was sitting doing a puzzle and she was happily playing with her toys on the floor. Now, in case you don't know Ella hated to be on her stomach for the longest time. So to get her to play on her stomach was a long time in the making. So you can imagine my shock when I looked up at this:
I almost thought she had choked or stopped breathing or something! I went over to her and turned out she was just fine; merely sleeping. I thought it was so funny that here she was just quietly playing with her toys and the next second, sound asleep, let alone sound asleep on her stomach!
Dan came home and I showed him our little sweetie sleeping under the Christmas tree. He was as surprised as I was-he asked me "Did you make sure she was breathing?!" Of course I did! She slept like that for like an hour and when she woke up this is what she looked like:

I think those pictures are so funny. Her poor face. Even though her first stomach sleeping left her like this, it didn't hurt anything, the stomach is now her preferred sleeping position. Some nights we barely lay her in bed and she flips right over to her stomach before you can get the blanket over her! She is such a cute girl!

Holly's Birthday!

Happy Quarter of a Century!

My 25th was back on December 13th. Dan and Ella made it a fun day for me! Ella gave me "Moose Munch;" she knows what I like! Dan gave me cute winter boots. GREAT gift!! I have lived in the midwest for what will be my 5th winter and have had no boots; it was probably time for me to get some, don't ya think?! Dan is so wonderful!
Mama's helper :)

Later that night, Dan invited a bunch of people over for cake and ice cream. We had lots of fun people join us!
Mmm, yummy cake!
Jennie & Adam; Brandon & Angie-Fellow Residents
Robyn and Kasey
Julianne, Bobbi, Seth, Jonathan in back (it kind of looks like shaving cream on his face, but it's not! (hehe) the camera had some weird spots on it)
Jonathan& Rollie, Rhece-Adam & Jennie's baby (See no shaving cream;)
I am super glad we have this basement! It was really nice to just let all of the kids go downstairs and play!
(On a side note, I think this is the first shot of our basement. It's a little sparse now, but that's alright. See Dan's TV-he's been waiting 5 years for that thing. He has so many other plans in this room to go along with it-he's thinking theatre room, but it was so nice to send kids to play down there, we'll have to see what it becomes :)

Thanks for a great birthday!

Ella's Coat

December 12, 2009:

We put Ella in her coat and then we put her in her car seat:
poor girl couldn't even move; her arms were just stuck like that. I bet she couldn't breathe either. Poor girl :( Notice the binkie, she was trying so hard to get it in her mouth, but it just wouldn't work. We felt so bad that for the rest of the month we didn't put her coat on her, we just wrapped her up really good in blankets and stuck her in the car seat. We had a new car seat that was bigger, but we didn't want the airline to destroy it when we went to Utah for Christmas, so we waited to open it. When we got home from our Christmas trip, we moved her to the new car seat so now is is warm and can breathe. I was really sad to give up her little carrier car seat. I felt like we could go more places and she still would get a nap; It was so nice just to leave her in there if she was asleep. Oh well, I guess my baby isn't a baby anymore.


I know I am like 2 months behind on posting my pictures-so I'm going to try and catch up!

These pictures are from a snow storm that hit us back on December 10th. The weatherman was calling it a blizzard. I don't remember being in a blizzard before, so it was kind of fun!