Happy 8 Month Birthday Ella Bella!

[I'm gonna skip ahead a little bit, but I'll come back later and post what I missed. Today is her 8 month birthday so I want to post about my girl (plus my fam keeps asking for current pics, these are as current as it gets. These were taken this evening.)]
My little baby is 8 months old today!
I thought I would quick share two little things that have happened, Oh- She's so fun!
Today I had one of those “oops!” moments. It was just before bedtime, I was feeding Ella her nightly cereal. We had started a new kind this week and it thickens up a little more than the others; so she was gulping and struggling to swallow. There was a sippy cup right there and so opened it up I poured a little water in the cereal to thin it down. Worked like a charm; she seemed better able to swallow. There were only a couple bites left and she looked kind of thirsty so I said “Do you want a drink?” and picked up the cup and put it up to her face. The whole cup of water spilled out right into her lap! Poor girl sucked in a breath really quick and looked up at me with big, shocked eyes. “Mom! What did you do?!” Okay. so she didn’t really say that, but I know that’s what she was thinking. I felt so bad! Apparently when I finished pouring water into her cereal I only set the lid on top of the cup, not screwed it back on. Ooops!
(Don't ya just love those little teeth!)
Last night, I went to a knitting/crochet night at a Ward member’s house and Ella got to join me since Dan was working the night shift. The home where we went has a little dog, Tonks, who is just the cutest. Anyway, Ella was so funny with her. When we first got over there, Ella wasn’t so sure about Tonks; she would watch her and had this little quizzical look on her face. Every time the dog would come in the room Ella would follow her around with her eyes. I would ask her “What’s that? Is that a doggy?” “Dog.” Soon Ella started saying “Da” when Tonks would walk around. And eventually it turned into yelling at the dog to come to her “Da, Da, Da, Da.” Over and over. She got so frustrated that she couldn’t get the dog that she would ball up her fists, her body would go stiff all over, her face would go all red, and she’d go “Ughhh!” It was a riot. She had the whole room laughing. She wanted that dog so bad. I put her on the ground next to the dog and she would’ve pulled it’s fur off then tackled it if I had let her. At home, she’ll take her stuffed animals and squeeze them really tight and rub her face into them. I think this is what she wanted to do with Tonks. I moved her away so that she couldn’t reach the dog and she proceeded to call to it, then stiffen up in frustration. She even went about doing a fake laugh because she was excited the dog was so close. She is so funny. Everyday it’s something new that makes me smile.

My First Haircut!

Saturday, September 12, 2009:

We decided it was time to give Ella her first haircut. She literally had hair on the sides of her head that was like 3 to 4 inches long. The top had pieces that stuck way out and others that were barely there; and the back was super short from rubbing it all off. She was starting to look like a little orphan. So we gave her a little trim. What a challenge! Dan tried to entertain her while I trimmed the hair. She wiggled and grabbed at the scissors and tried to look to see what I was doing. It took us forever! She got really bored with the whole ordeal and eventually we just had to call it quits even though there were a few more pieces we could have evened out. It ended up a little shorter than I wanted, I was worried that it was a boy haircut. But I got over that pretty quick, she doesn't look like a boy! It looks really nice, especially now that it's been a month(I'm working on posting those pics); it allowed some of her really short hairs to catch up with the others. Her hair is starting to get thick now, but it's super fine and platinum blonde so it almost disappears with her skin. Everywhere we go we hear "Look how blonde her hair is, she's so cute!"


"Yahh! I can play now!"

♫ “This is the way we wash our clothes…”♫

“This is the way we wash our clothes, wash our clothes, wash our clothes. This is the way we wash our clothes so early friday morning!”
Friday, Sept. 11

Beach Baby!

We got this really cute swimming suit for Ella and she was starting to outgrow it so we had to get some pics before it got too small. When we took the pictures she showed off some of her different personalities.

"Don't I look beautiful, Darling?"

Missed a few

I was looking back at some pictures I saw that I missed a few. So, I thought I’d post ‘em!

Here are some cute pics of Ella, these are back from August 29th. We were sitting in the living room, and Ella noticed her shadow on the couch. She was so cute trying to grab hold of it. I know you can’t see her shadow in the picture because of the flash, but it was so funny to watch her try to grab it,

then be confused because she couldn’t get it.

Next, are some picture I took on September 2nd. Dan just barely started his first Ortho month of the year and was on call that night. Ella and I had had a pretty rough day. She didn’t like that it was only the two of us I guess. I was feeding her cereal and we were both struggling. She was pretty grumpy and I was exhausted. Finally, she grabbed the bowl of cereal and started to play. Normally, I would’ve taken the bowl away. But her mood changed and she was instantly this happy little girl, so I let her play. Whatever works, right? She made a big mess and looked really cute so I snapped a couple shots.