Our next 5 years

We've matched in an Orthopaedic Residency program and the winner is:

Kalamazoo, Michigan
(Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo!)
We'll be at Michigan State University's Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies.
We were hoping to move closer to our families in Utah, but Kalamazoo is a great program and we are really excited!!!

The cutest thing ever!!

On wednesday the 11th, Ella woke up around 6 to eat-nothing new there. But as she ate, she blew out her clothes. So Dan was a nice daddy and changed her before he went to work. To our excitement she was a happy baby! As he changed her she gave him 2 real smiles, not just those gassy ones. I decided to go get the camera in hopes that she would continue those cute little grins. Not only did she continue to smile but they were huge ones! She was so cute that Dan had a hard time leaving for the hospital, I think he ended up being late because of this beautiful little girl!Her smile is the cutest thing I have ever seen. She is still giving us those grins but she is selective. Daddy gets lots of smiles over and over. Anyone else is lucky to get 1 maybe 2 out of her at a time. But we will take any we can get because they are adorable!!

My Baby at 3 weeks old!

Here she is hangin' in the hood (literally-she is wearing a hood and our house is sort of in the hood)

"I don't like bows!"
"Bow is gone-I'm fine now"
I can't believe how fast she is growing!!! Time is flying by!

"I love my mobile"

Ella recently discovered that her crib has a mobile on it and needless to say she LOVES it! On Saturday the 8th I caught her with what I thought was a smile- but I wasn't quite sure. Either way it is cute picture.

The next day I caught her again checking out her crown. Here she is later that day looking very girly

Kewpie or Cupie

I took these pictures of Ella when her hair was kind of wet so it is kind of plastered to her head except for the little curl at the top. When I loaded them on the computer, they reminded me of the little Kewpie or Cupie (depending on what website you look at) dolls. What a little cutie!


Here is my cute little girl at one week old. So precious She does not like tummy time. Gotta love that smirk.
Sweet sleeper
February 25th
Happy 4th Anniversary
I love you Dan!
I think we make a cute little family! She's thinking hard about how to move those hands
This is Dan's favorite position for Ella to be in-sleeping on your shoulder with her little mouth hanging open :)
I love to see her little eyes
Here's those wide eyes again!Kissy lips!
This is one of her favorite things to do- sit and stare at the wall above the couch. There is a big picture up on the wall with a dark frame; we think she likes the dark frame against the white wall. What ever it is she'll stare at it forever.
Little Cowgirl!! Don't you just love her little cowgirl boots?
Ella loves to cuddle with Daddy
You can see how fast Ella is growing- the first 2 pics are of her at 1 week this last pic of her in red is from thursday the 5th. Her little cheeks are really starting to fill out and she is getting a double chin. Also it is really fun-she is starting to look around more and see where she is. She is so much fun-we just can't get enough!