A Day at the Zoo

I know I've been a little bit of a slacker when it comes to posting on our blog. But hey, it's been really busy here. We've had a lot of changes. I thought I would go back and post some pictures of what we have been up to the last little while. I thought I would start with the zoo. Back on May 2nd the medical college had a special Zoo day for the 4th year med students. The 3 of us went with our friends the Austins and the Jagers to the zoo. We all had a blast. It was fun to watch Bryton and Tyler get so excited over the animals. Ella slept through most of the zoo, but woke up long enough to enjoy a few of the animals. The Milwaukee County Zoo is awesome!! I wish we could have visited more often.

Here's our little family after we enjoyed a yummy picnic!! (see what I mean she was snoozing most of the time)

Us with Zach, Amy, Bryton, Mike, Jill, and Tyler

Here is Ella sleeping peacefully even though just feet away from her was a huge lioness. Look at the jaws on that cat!

I spy a snow leopard, do you? Here she is with the Elephant. A few moments after this picture she turned and was fascinated by it. (do you notice she has different clothes on then the first 2 pics, we had her all decked out in a cute matching outfit with a little bow, but she blew through that :) Here she is with the giraffes. She didn't really care much for them.
And here she is back asleep. I wish I had a carseat that was so cozy!