Fall in Wisconsin

Last weekend Dan and I took a little drive up to Holy Hill. It is the highest point in southeastern Wisconsin! But for us Rocky Mountaineers, Holy Hill is more like a mole hill. It's pretty tiny.See what I mean-it's not very high-But that doesn't take away the beauty! Fall is in full swing here and it is beyond gorgeous! My camera could not capture how pretty it is! Anyway, there is this old church built on the top of Holy Hill and you can climb the towers and see around for miles. So we thought it would be a perfect day to climb up the towers and look out over the colors of fall! Well, that kinda fell flat. They are doing preservation work on the towers and so they were closed. Bummer!! So the highest shots we could get were from the outdoor balaconies on the 2nd level of the church-still pretty but our view was a little blocked by some trees. (see my growing belly?)
Anyway, we still drove around, visited a country farmers market, took in the colors and enjoyed ourselves!!

Anyone want to go skiing-this is bonfide Wisconsin ski resort! Black diamond?

Sweet Angel

Alright, so we have known what our baby is for a couple weeks but I am slow at posting to our blog. I've been working too much and Dan has a really easy rotation this month and last so I have been spending all my free time with him. So here is the big news:

We are having a GIRL!!!
A sweet, beautiful little angel!! She is super cute-just look at her pics:

I love this profile shot!! Her little nose and lips! PRECIOUS!!

Did I mention that she is also very talented! She can fold herself right in half!!

We are very excited by the news of our little girl and can't wait for her to come!!! (although we've got a lot to get ready before then)