Cul de sac-oh how I'll miss you!

Just in case you didn't know, at our apartment in Milwaukee we had the coolest neighbors ever. There were 4 buildings in our cul de sac with a total of 18 apartments. Over the 4 years the numbers fluxed depending on who moved in and out, but the definite majority of the tenants were young, LDS families just like us. We had residents, med students, law students, nursing students, anyway you get the point. We LOVED our cul de sac!!! We made so many great friends there! Everyone would congregate out on the front yards and just hang out and talk. We had BBQ's and game nights, girls nights, and birthdays. We were a regular party zone! One of our traditions that formed was Sunday night dessert night! We would all meet out front and eat some yummy treats and play some crochet or ladder golf. Here are some pictures from our last :''( tears) dessert night back on May 10th. Notice how is should be spring time and warm outside, but it wasn't everyone was all bundled up because it was pretty chilly!Here are the girls! (and one boy, sorry Luke) Kelsey, Jill and Luke, Jill, Holly and Ella
Katie, Anna, Jenny, Marshall (Cougar), Nolan, Tim, Lynn, Nikki, Amy, Shandra, Zehren
Dave, Jenny, and Amanda getting some of those yummy treats!
Dave, Tim, Amy, Guy, Jenny, Kate, Amanda, Tim, Lynn, Nikki, Shandra, Zehren
Katie with her little cuties Grace and Duncan
Tim and Lynn, Nikki, Amy, Kate, Shandra, Zehren
Holly and her Teddy Bear, oh wait that's Ella, Anna and Jenny
Mike, Jake, and Jake enjoying a game of crochet
Adam and Nolan are crochet buffs too!
Look at that hit!
Ricky and Duncan, Grace and Katie, Dave, Shandra and Zehren, Anna and Jenny
This is Ella's little boyfriend Tyler. She misses him so much!
Ricky, Richard (behind Ricky) Jake and Adam, Mike and Jake
Cul de sac and friends...Thank You so much for all the good times!!! We will miss you all very much!!!


  1. Holly-first of all, way to document every single person in each picture, very impressive! I hope our wonderful cul-de-sac lives on. Only one couple is moving in and Regina has lowered rent to try and fill this place, but I think it is too late. :( It will be interesting to see what becomes of our cute and safe little place! Anyway, hope you guys are doing well and enjoying Kalamazoo!

  2. oh, i miss you guys so much!!! you were the reason we moved out here. the cul-de-sac just isn't the same. we only have one new tenant. the rest are not filled. that means we are going to get some crazy people!
    jake has been crazy busy with his ob/gyn rotation. but it will be over soon.! i hope you are liking it in kalamazoo. so jealous that you have a home. miss you guys!