Ella's new things

(this is an old post I forgot to publish)
On Tuesday, Nov. 3, Dan was on call at the hospital and had to stay over night. So, since Dan couldn't come to us, Ella and I went to him. We went to the hospital and met him for lunch. When we were done, Dan walked us back out to the car. As I Dan getting ready to walk away from the car he peeked in the back window and gave Ella a wave goodbye. The sweet little girl looked up, smiled and waved back! Dan was shocked! He can back up to my door and told me that she just waved bye to him. So he did it again, and so did she. I turned around and looked over the seat at her as he did it one more time. Sure enough she waved right back! Cute little girl. I didn't even realize we had waved to her that often but apparently it was enough for her to learn how to do it! She'd such a smartie!

While Dan's parents were here visiting Nov. 4-11, Dan's mom taught our little Ella Bella how to give kisses. It's so cute. A couple days later I was playing with her, doing different faces. Well, I did a fishy face with my lips out; Ella must've thought I wanted a kiss so she pushed her little face up to mine and gave me a kiss right on my lips! I wasn't even expecting it. She's so sweet.